January 21, 2008

(Woo first proper post. Go me.)

So I was working away on Visit Mexico when my friend Dizzy Banjo sent me an IM to tell me about his new project, called Parsec.

Its kind of half art instalation, half multi-user musical instrument half social experiment (I know..) – but a fantastic creation, and a really innovative use of a 3d space like the one on offer in Secondlife. The basic concept is that 7 users get together to create music and sound using Secondlife’s voice capability and the instrument (Parsec) to solve a puzzle. Hard to explain perhaps, but lots of fun to experience, and the reward is pretty spectacular too. I won’t post pictures of it here to preserve the surprise and effect for you, but its worth it, especially if you have windlight enabled..

I highly reccomend checking it out, for those of you who are already Secondlife users, you can click this link for a teleport, for those of you who arent but want to be, I suggest heading over to www.secondlife.com/join to signup (its free).

Once you’ve done so, just join up to the parsec group, and send an IM to Dizzy Banjo. Viewing is by appointment, as this project really does need a group of people and a bit of event managment to get the full experience. Alternatively you can send an email to Parsec@DizzyBanjo.com





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