Product Review – Jextone EasyRez 1.25: First Look

January 21, 2008

jextone easyrezThere are times, when working on a project, that you may find it beneficial to work in a location other than that which will be the final installation space for your finished designs. For example, right now I’m building a small virtualtown, and I’ve chosen to do so up in the sky, because when placed the town won’t be aligned to the grid – so i’ve created it up in the sky, aligned to the grid, with the intention of moving the whole thing down afterwards, into its final position. Or, you may wish to sell your buildings or products, in which case you need an easy solution to enable your customers to rez and position their new acquisitions in-world.

There are many ways to achieve this, but by far and away the simplest and most straightforward answer is to use a ‘Rezzer’ – a device/box which stores the linked segments of your build/project, and then on command will ‘rez’ for you in a location of your choosing.

There are many rezzers on the market, but in the past they’ve always had their limitations or been quite difficult to use. So I was intrigued when talking to a friend of mine in Secondlife by the name of 10khz Tone, he mentioned that he had recently scripted a very simple to use yet extremely powerful rezzer, that could retain an entire sim’s worth of content, and rez it without difficulty irrespective of distance (within the confines of a sim)

Using the Jextone EasyRez is simple enough, first you link your build together, then drop a script into the root prim of each linked object, then rez the box, then the packer. Click the packer and it copies all the info regarding your project into the box, then pick up the project either as one inventory object or just piece by piece and place it into the box. Pick the box up and thats it, you’re ready to go.

In trying it in a fairly empty private sim, I found it easy to set up, and easy to use. While the build I was packaging wasnt exactly superhuge, it was nearly 700 prims or so, and yet I found it easy to dragselect bits of it and link before putting the script in each root prim. I’ve heard some people talk about how difficult rezzers can be to set up, but this really was a piece of cake and if you’re one of those that do feel like you spend too much time packaging your products for sale after the already hard task of creating them, I’d definetly reccomend you contact 10khz and ask for a demonstration of his product.

I havent so far had a chance to test out rezzing a huge huge (several thousand prim) project in a super super laggy place (cordova sandbox? (or whichever of that set it is that allows active scripts)) but based on my experience with other products created by 10khz, I’m confident that when I do, it’ll work just as well and easily as it has done so far. In as much as its ease of use, which is what I was trying to establish at this early stage, Its about as difficult as making toast 🙂

You can pick up a copy for yourself here on SLexchange , or here in secondlife

For those of you wondering what the hell this secondlife thing is, signup for free here 🙂


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