Grid down again : Might as well blog..

January 24, 2008

Well, the title says it all.

Hmm what to write, what to write..

Ok, here’s one. Some time ago, about the middle of last year, I noticed a blog post Cory Edo had written about her Logitech MX1000 laser mouse, and how all the buttons could be set up to work with SL to speed up building by putting a lot of the shortcuts under your fingertips. I was working at RiversRunRed at the time, and we all had MX1000’s there, so I installed the software and had a bit of a play about. I guess the grid must have been down that day too. The first thing I found, is that she was right. You can really increase connection with the virtual world by configuring the hardware of your interface, it makes sense when you think about it. Anyway what I’m getting to, is that I found that for me, a different setup to the setup she had posted for each button worked better. I’m not saying it IS better, I’m just saying I liked it more, having played about a bit and refined, so if you’re using an MX1000, maybe it’ll work well for you too.


The added bonus here is that pushing the alt button (scroll wheel toward the left) and one of the other buttons gives you the same as pressing ctrl shift on the keyboard, and the same with the control shift + alt combo.. basically giving you full camera control from the mouse. Pretty handy!!

At first it may seem that these shortcuts dont actually add much to your experience, but as you grow used to them, the novelty wears off and it becomes the interface you expect to have and use, going back to a regular 2 button mouse feels like putting down your precise graphics pencil in favour of a childs chewed up crayon..

Enjoy and good luck!


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