New shop coming soon!

January 30, 2008

I’m delighted to announce that thanks to the generosity of the wonderful and extremely talented Mistress Midnight i’ve recently acquired a property in the fabulous sim of Midnight City!

Advanced Immersive (Ai) will be opening soon with a fun, fantastic and probbably rather small opening sale party, selling things from full scale prefab architectural solutions for home and business, fixtures and fittings, lamps and lights, all the way down to cool badges your avatar can wear to look even geekier than you (possibly) already do!


She’s a bit of a fixer-upper as you can see, but with a little TLC and a lick of paint i’m sure I’ll be able to transform the space into a shop so cool you’ll hang out there just to er.. hang out there. Oh yes.

Check back soon for updates as we go!


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