Cushy Stock- brilliant software!

February 8, 2010

Hi Folks –

So, i’ve been getting into shooting stock photography lately, as well as doing 3d modelling stuff and creating things in/for virtual worlds. I’ve had to refine my style a bit, but i’m starting to get results, and its looking like it could be quite a fun little hobby that results in a bit of occasional money for my efforts – brilliant! And who knows, I might end up seeing my work somewhere exciting one day, here’s hoping, anyway..

So, one of the biggest problems / annoyances with stock photography is in ‘keywording’ (tagging) all your images so that people using the stock agencies to buy images can find them, and also uploading your images to the various agencies. It can take ages, I mean AGES, to do this, and as soon as I started getting into the stock thing, I started wondering, isn’t there a better way?

Well, it turns out there IS, and its called “Cushy Stock”. Odd name, brilliant product. Basically, it does a whole rake of things, it keeps track of what images have sold, and at which agencies, it lets you preview your raw files, there’s a really long list of things it does, but here’s the big part (for me) – its a one stop shop for keywording and uploading all your images to all the agencies you’re signed up with.

This is BRILLIANT – instead of having to run FTP multiple times on the same folder, or worse, use some java based app or http upload that rinses your browser and renders your PC inoperable for the time its uploading, you can use cushy stock to keyword your images, and then FTP them to multiple agencies in one lovely automated step.

The URL is http://www.cushystock.com – I really can’t reccomend it enough, cushy stock lite is freeware so what are you waiting for! Head on over and pick up a trial, and leave me a comment if you think its as brilliant as I do!


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