Hi Folks! If you’re looking for a CV style list of clients and such things, scroll down. I’m more into the personal side of things here on wordpress but its there for you at the bottom of the page 🙂

My name is Neil Robinson (in RL and in SL) and I’m a 25 year old immersive space designer from North London, UK.

I’m an immersive space designer, which is a fancy way of saying that I make create interactive 3d environments in online virtual worlds. Which is a fancy way of saying I make computery models of places with digital lego and computery paint.

If you want to know more, you can find me in the virtual world of secondlife. its free to join, and my name in Secondlife is the same as in my ‘First life’ – Neil Robinson. Click here to sign up

Catch you on the metaphysical side!


Ok, as promised at the top and by popular request, here’s a list of clients/accolades/projects I’ve worked on or been involved with as an immersive space designer. Most come from my time as a creative at uk branding agency RiversRunRed where I was lead texture artist and 3d designer, a bunch of them however are mine all mine (!) having been done since I left the agency to pursue contract work

Work Info

Immersive space designer /

Winner: Interactive Media Awards 2007
(catagory: Technology)

Winner: Association of Online Publishers award 2007 (catagory: Innovation)

Calvin Klein
Gucci Group
Stella McCartney
ING Renault Formula 1
Duran Duran
The Hospital Club
T Bar
Penguin Books
William Gibson
Sky news
The Guardian
The B.B.C
BBH (Agency)
Coca Cola
Herman Miller Group
Ministry of Defence (UK)
United States Department of Defence
Mexico Tourism Board
English Heritage
The National Trust
More but I’m bored of writing this now.

Pretty much stolen straight from my facebook page, but like I said I’m more into the personal side of things here on my WordPress blog. However if you are looking for the business side of me, it can be found in Secondlife as Neil Robinson , or at the end of an email to NeilPiersRobinson@googlemail.com

Best wishes and remember  – it all starts with a cube ^_^



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